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All learner drivers should complete EDT known as Essential drivers training before taking the driving test.

Introduction To MyEDT Driving School

All learner drivers should complete EDT known as Essential drivers training before taking the driving test. EDT is a compulsory training program that mainly teaches all the basic driving skills to all learner drivers. This is a part of RSA graduated driver license and is provided to improve upon the road safety. This is only a part of learning process and this needs more practice and many lessons in order to become a qualified and Pretest Driving Schools a safe driver.

There are many reasons why you should go for EDT. Studies have shown that young learners and who are inexperienced are more likely to cause an accident or die in collision. EDT is one of the several measures that are introduced by RSA and this helps to improve critical driving knowledge, behavior & skills of new learners. If you are not needed to complete the course, you may still opt to take them as it can maximize the chance of passing the test and can make you a safe driver. In order to become a safe and a responsible driver it is necessary to attend myEDT driving school.

What does Essential driving training involve?

EDT course mainly involves twelve hour lessons. These lessons are mainly designed to cover all critical skills & also improve the practical skills. As every lesson is completed, the approved instructor would record all the progress in an issued logbook. You also should have an experienced driver, sponsor (many learners normally choose a family member who are experienced). They help you supervise and practice outside lessons and myEDT Driving School also can track the progress in the logbook issued. After the course is completed, you may need additional courses with an approved instructor to improve the skills. Additionally, it is important to practice with the sponsor as much as possible to be more comfortable while driving. On the day of the driving test, you should get the completed logbook on the date of test appointment, as you may need to show the examiner.

How much does the EDT cost involve and where to look for ADI?

There is no accurate charge for lessons and each approved instructor sets their own fees. RSA recommends that you enquire the approved instructor regarding the fees and also see if the instructor is right for you. Recommendations from families and friends may prove useful in helping you make a choice. Essential driving training should be delivered only by RSA who has an approved instructor. To look for ADI, you can look on the ADI register. You can also switch ADI during the course. But always remember to get the current ADI to sign off on the completed lessons before making any changes.

What are the benefits of Essential driver training?

There are different benefits you get while taking the course. On completing the driving lessons in Dublin, you can understand what it means to be a safe driver. You can also practice skills in a systematic manner and focus on learning needs and finally develop critical skills that can make you as a safe driver.